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Your source for credit and debt consolidation solutions. 

This site is a resource for credit and debt related issues. There are many sites on the web that offer "Debt Consolidation", "Debt Help", "Credit Counseling" and "Credit Repair Services" but very few answers as to what these services are and how they work.    

If you are not familiar with debt consolidation please go to the "Debt Consolidation" page for a detailed explanation of the many debt counseling and consolidation services available.

Currently we are doing our best to locate the best debt counseling, debt consolidation, debt help, credit counseling and credit repair services. We hope to provide you with the best resources available for credit and debt services. 

For more credit and debt services resources, check out Credit Advisors Foundation Resources and credit card consolidation solutions.

Common Questions

Does debt consolidation help or credit counseling require good credit?

What is debt consolidation/credit counseling?

Will debt consolidation help stop creditors from calling?

Why are payments typically lower when using a debt consolidation service or credit counselor? 

How does debt consolidation typically work? 

How will a debt consolidation program help me?

Will my creditors work with a debt consolidation program?

What happens when I go into debt consolidation/credit counseling?

Can I still use my credit cards?

How does consolidation differ from bankruptcy?

What types of debt do consolidation plans handle?

What's needed to start debt consolidation?

What kind of savings can I expect through credit counseling/debt consolidation?

Should I consider getting a loan instead of credit counseling/debt consolidation?

How much does debt consolidation cost?

Why should my creditors lower my payments and monthly interest?

How do I choose a debt consolidation service?

What happens to my credit if I use a credit counselor/debt consolidation program?

If I use credit counseling or a debt consolidation program do I have to pay all at once?

Is debt consolidation completely legal? 

Can I negotiate my own debt consolidation?

Will creditors come after me when I am in debt consolidation?

What's the difference between debt consolidation and credit counseling?

What is secured debt? 

How long does it take to get out of debt with debt consolidation?

How much does credit counseling cost?

How much does debt consolidation cost?

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